Morry's Honey Do List!

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  Repair/Replace doorbell

  Remove old intercom from wall(s)

  Repair/Replace post light

  Repair/Replace motion sensor light

  Ground electrical outlets in __________________

  Update wiring in garage/basement

  Install/Replace/Repair ceiling fan in __________

  Repair/Replace ceiling light fixtures in  _______

  Repair table lamp

  Repair/Replace/Install low voltage  garden lights 

  Install/Replace light switch in ________________

  Install/ Replace dimmer switch in_____________

  Repair/Replace receptacles on wall in ________

… and more 


  Repair/Replace garage door bottom

  Install grab bars 

  Replace knob(s) on kitchen cabinet door(s)

  Replace knob(s) on bathroom vanity door(s)

  Replace knob(s) on house door(s) 

  Replace window sash cords

  Install/Repair closet rods

  Install shelves

  Hang pictures and wall hangings 

  Repair/Replace storm and screen door

  Repair door that doesn’t close 

  Repair closet doors

  Install bi-fold doors 

  Install drape/curtain rods

  Install window shades 

  Install window blinds

  Repair gas grill

  Home inspection repairs

  Home violation repairs 

… and more 

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• Replace sink

• Replace faucet in ___________________

• Repair leaking faucet in ________________

• Replace toilet in ____________________

• Repair toilet in _______________

• Repair pipes leaking under ___________ sink

• Outside/garage faucet wont shut off

• Replace showerhead

• Install hand held shower head

• Install/Repair Instant Hot

• Install water line for ice maker

• Install/Repair garbage disposal

• Install shower doors

… and more

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